Every little bit helps: In-Kind Sponsorships

What makes any conferencing event successful?

You need to get the attendees – Campers in our case – excited and involved. You need full tummies and quenched thirsts. You need an After-party for post-event mingling.

You need sponsors.

We’ve asked for your money as a Sponsor and a Micro-Sponsor. We appreciate those of you that have signed on as Sponsors and donated some of your hard earned cash to help make this event a reality. We know that some of you want to help make this an epic event but don’t want to volunteer and dont have the money to become a regular sponsor.

That’s ok. There are other ways for you to contribute.


Prizes and Giveaways

Nothing excites a crowd more than a t-shirt gun aimed at their faces, loaded goodie bags handed to them during registration or prize giveaways throughout the day.

Last year we were fortunate to have lots of prizes to give away and this made everyone walk away feeling like a winner – mostly because they were. This year we would like to make everyone winners again.

Do you have some free memberships that you can give away? Some templates hanging around? Maybe some t-shirts, flashdrives, keychains or dog-tags?

Any contribution will help and this is a great way to get some exposure for your brand without dipping into your cash stash. If you have some prizes and goodies to donate to the event, you can let us know here.

Something yummy for the tummy

There is no way that a camper can stay awake throughout a whole day of mind blowing speaker sessions on an empty stomach. Passion burns energy, and so does brain-power.

Help our WordCampers absorb the knowledge and ask bright questions by sponsoring tea-break snacks or dinner at the After-party. We’ve taken care of lunch and we don’t want everyone to flee home for a hot meal after the event.

If you can help out, please let us know here.

Be the life of the After party

Last year the After-party was a big success. It provided the campers the opportunity to continue conversations started during the day, ask question to the speakers that impressed them and strike up new conversations and build new relationships.

All that talking is thirsty work,  and it helps to have a drink (and maybe a bite to eat) to smooth it over.

If you have few cases of beer or wine lying unattended in your basement we’d be happy to take it off your hands. As the After-party sponsor you can decorate the bar with your promotional material and you’ll be listed as an in-kind sponsor in our marketing. Do the job right, and there will be hosts of WordPress bloggers writing about how much fun they had at your bar after the event.

Stock up the WordCamp bar here.

Examples of generous In-Kind Sponsorships we already received

But really, this is all about you

We want you to enjoy WordCamp and get the most out of it as possible. We want to put together an event that is valuable to you, that you want to attend and that you want to promote.

So help us out. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for in-kind sponsorships? Do you have something that you’d like to donate to the event?

Let us know. Get involved, bask in the lime light. Give us your stuff. It’s the right thing to do.

Become an In-Kind sponsor by filling out our contact form here.

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