Micro-sponsorship – How to pitch your business to everyone at WordCamp this year

Are you a small fish in a big pond? Do you use WordPress as a part of your business? Have you been wanting to get involved with WordCamp Cape Town, but thinking you’re too small to play with the big boys?

Small guys, big teeth

Get involved as a Micro-sponsor for WordCamp Cape Town.

This year we are offering the opportunity for micro businesses and freelancers to also get behind the event and sponsor WordCamp. To this end we’ve created the Micro-Sponsorship package, which is a slightly more expensive ticket (R650) aimed at this group of WordCampers and comes packed with a few unique priviledges.

The Micro-Sponsorship includes:

  • Text links accompanying various sponsor listings.
  • Optional 1 x 3 minute elevator pitch between Speaker sessions

This sponsorship package is designed to give the little guys some much needed exposure at this year’s event. Your company names and links to your sites will be visible in various sponsor listings, providing an opportunity for people with an interest in WordPress to become familiar with your name and giving you the much needed street cred that you can’t earn by sitting in your garage-cum-office.

Elevator Pitches

Any and all exposure is good for a small business, but the real cherry is the 3 minute elevator pitches on the day of the event.

As a micro-sponsor, you’ll be given a 3-minute time slot between speaker presentations to pitch your idea and unique value proposition to the crowd at WordCamp. Let everybody know who you are and what you do that separates you from the pack. Once they’ve seen your confident mugg on stage, they’ll feel more at ease to approach you during the event (Plus they’ll now know your name) and find out more about your business. Maybe you’ll hook up a new client, project, partnership or job!

Not a bad deal for the same price as a Rocking The Daisies ticket.

If your knees buckle at the thought of presenting in front of the crowd and you’d rather not, don’t fear. You can still get involved as a Micro-sponsor and have your business promoted along with the other sponsors. We won’t force you to do an elevator pitch unless you want to – we realize it’s not for everyone.

So let’s recap. As a Micro-Sponsor, this is what you get:

  • Text Links in the sponsor listings – making your business visible before and after the event
  • An optional 3 minute elevator pitch time slot on the day to present your business to the audience
  • A slideshow as part of your presentation – so you’re not standing there alone
  • Video countdown during your presentation to keep you on your toes
*NOTE – If you want to take advantage of an elevator pitch session at WordCamp, you have to send us the following:
  • Full Name, Surname and email address
  • Twitter Style (140 Character) Bio of yourself or your company
  • Your Social Media account links
  • A short description of your business

How to – The Nine C’s of elevator pitches

We compiled a list of tips to help you craft the perfect pitch for WordCamp:

  •  Concise – An effective elevator pitch contains as few words as possible, but no fewer.
  • Clear – Rather than being filled with acronyms and jargon, an effective elevator pitch can be understood by your grandparents, your spouse, and your children.
  • Compelling – An effective elevator pitch explains the problem your Solution solves.
  • Credible – An effective elevator pitch explains why you are qualified to see the problem and to build your Solution.
  • Conceptual – An effective elevator pitch stays at a fairly high level and does not go into too much unnecessary detail.
  • Concrete- As much as is possible, an effective elevator pitch is also specific and tangible.
  • Customized – Your elevator pitch should be tailored to the crowd and address their specific interests and concerns.
  • Consistent – Every version of an effective elevator pitch conveys the same basic message.
  • Conversational – Rather than being to close the deal, the goal of an elevator pitch is to just set the hook; to start a conversation, or dialogue, with the audience. WordCamp will be a perfect place to continue this conversation after you’ve left the stage.

Get yours now

Micro-sponsorship tickes are available on the WordCamp Cape Town event page at entryTickets.

The Micro-sponsorships are sold as a form of really expensive ticket at R 650 pp to simplify the process of signing up. We’ve limited the number of these available in order to make each micro-sponsor a Rockstar at the event itself.

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing all about your unique business!

Get your Micro-sponsor ticket here.




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