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PriceCheck.co.za, a part of the MIH Internet Africa Group, is South Africa’s leading comparison shopping destination and the user-base increases daily as more and more people turn to comparison shopping. On a monthly average, PriceCheck receives in excess of 600 000 unique shoppers searching for products on its website (with more than 10% already just on mobile). With in excess of 30 million products, 6000 categories and a range of comparative services; it is an effective and targeted lead-generation service and provides a highly regarded service for the man in the street that needs guidance with making a purchasing decision. With the recent upgrade of PriceCheck’s mobile offering, it now offers a mobile application that brings the mall to your smartphone. This new version now puts even more power into the hands of the consumer. With your compatible smartphone you are able to check and compare prices of products you are interested in, from wherever you are.

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Why WordPress?

We are seeing rapid growth in the amount of companies using ecommerce enabled WordPress sites for their online stores. As a price comparison tool, we are looking to find easy ways to integrate with these potential clientele. For this reason we are looking for a greater understanding of WordPress and its features/plugins.

Why did you decide to get involved and sponsor WordCamp Cape Town 2012?

WordCamp presents an ideal opportunity to increase our exposure to the WordPress community. We would like to find out about new and interesting ways to integrate with WordPress as we adapt to the needs of potential clients who are using ecommerce enabled WordPress sites.

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Cape Town?

We are looking forward to learning about the changing demands of WordPress users and their usage patterns. We want to garner a greater understanding of WordPress users as a market we look to further penetrate.

How could you use WordPress more effectively in the future?

With the large numbers of our current and potential clients using WordPress, we are looking at developing easy-to-use plugins for WordPress and WordPress plugins that would make integration to PriceCheck.co.za even easier.

Which of the features of WordPress do you find most helpful to your business?

The simple yet effective nature of running a WordPress site ties into the kind of value that we as PriceCheck.co.za look to provide. The easy-to-use plugins such as WooCommerce make WordPress ideal for startups and established businesses alike, making it a key avenue of expansion for PriceCheck.co.za.

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