Issue reporting and managementbuilt exclusively for web designers.


We build software that we love, use and believe in. Our first product BugHerd aims to make a task that’s usually technical and time consuming, simple and hopefully even fun. The idea was first pitched by our founders Matt and Alan to the Australian startup incubator Startmate in 2011. After successful Startmate incubation they went on to attract investment from 500 Startups and an Australian startup award from Tech23. Since then we’ve been busily building, tweaking and learning what it takes to turn a solid vision into a remarkable product and working with some amazing companies along the way.


Develop bug tracking software so simple people will actually use it. Crazy huh?


BugHerd was founded by Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic, two web developers who first joined forces to build UsabilityHub and FiveSecondTest. Now fully focused on BugHerd, here’s some insights into what makes them tick.