kri8it is a full-service digital marketing agency with the expertise to act as a strategic digital partner to our clients. We pay close attention to our clients’ business objectives and ensure that all your web-based activities are aligned, and that your digital marketing investments deliver value.

Our strategy is an integrated one with the focus on ensuring that we remain on the cutting edge in our industry, keeping in touch with an ever-changing online landscape and user demands.
We provide relevant strategic advice and solutions, focusing on client relationship management and cost effective solutions.

We focus on 5 key areas – that is: Reach, Interact, Convert, Engage and Retain.

  • In-house Expertise – All our web design and development work is in-house and primarily WordPress based. Our expert team spends their working days, and a good deal of their leisure time as well, immersed in the Internet; and they are highly knowledgeable when it comes to latest technology and digital marketing trends.
  • The Right Support – We develop long-standing relationships with our clients providing honest advice, valuable information and strategic direction over time. We know what you need when you ask for an online solution.
  • Value for Money – We are excited about online solutions that work for our clients. We take pride in delivering high quality work that is cost-effective. We specialise in WordPress development to ensure that our clients have the support of the most vibrant developer community and the latest framework standards. Nothing else comes close.

For the Love of It – We enjoy what we do. Our work is exciting and inspiring. We love being good in anything and everything relating to the online environment.