RSAWEB is an established and rapidly expanding Internet Services Provider, specialising in True Cloud, CDN, Internet access for business and home, hosting and enterprise-class data centre solutions. Established in 2002 by Rob Gilmour and Mark Slingbsy – RSAWEB has now grown to become of one of SA’s most respected business solutions ISP’s with clients such as Pick n Pay, Remax, Levi, Money Web and Native. RSAWEB has an extensive network, with custom built, world-class Data Centres across SA and POP’s across the world.


  1. Our localised, fully owned and custom Data Centres are world Class (we’re so proud of them we invite new clients on a data centre tour)
  2. We take support really seriously, we have dedicated Client Relations and support teams on hand 24/7
  3. We like to keep things simple, and pass our cost savings down to you – our combination of competitive process, world-class infrastructure and hands-on technical expertise provides you with much better value for money.
  4. We help you make sense of tech – whether it’s helping a customer set-up a router, or planning a large corporate’s access infrastructure – we help demystify IT and make it more accessible to all.
  5. Our team: At the end of the day, people are the foundation of any business – we only choose the brightest minds to be part of RSAWEB.
  6. We do good: RSAWEB founded and is the organising sponsor of Net Prophet – through Net Prophet we’ve raised over half a million rand–and all of this money goes to IT University students in SA who need the cash much more than we do.