WCCT 2012 Podcast Sessions

The third Wordcamp in Cape Town, held at the Kirstenbosch Old Mutual Conference Centre drew more than 300 WordPress hackers, fans and the CMS curious. Listen to all the action here.

Eric Clements

WordPress to manage your Mxit apps

mxPress is an Open Source plugin that gives you the ability to integrate WordPress as an App on Mxit. A case study that embodies the pioneering spirit of WordPress and Open Source at large.

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Riaan Knoetze

How to Hijack a Themeshop

Starting a WordPress theme shop is tough due to the number of competitors in the market. What skills and practical considerations are required to successfully distibute commercial themes.

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Bennie Stander

Monetizing Your WordPress Website: Treating Your Blog As A Business

How do you make your website work for you? You have the audience, but your website does not generate sales or leads. This session will discuss strategies and techniques to monetize your website.

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Fred Roed

Midgets On Unicycles, Steve Hofmeyr & Elvis In Tableview

What is the common factor shared by successfull teams, individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, programmers and disrupters. Roed is excited to share his findings.

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Neil Pursey

Are Social metrics really affecting SEO?

Social media is finding it’s roll in a broader digital marketing strategy, but does it affect SEO at all? Neil Pursey will discuss his research around this topic and help you grow.

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Anthony Somerset

Site Speed = Success, Optimising WordPress from the Server up

Find Site Performance from the server to WordPress. A look at how some good performance gains can be made in tuning MySQL and APC and getting the most of out W3 Total Cache.

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Mark Slingsby, RSAWeb

Scaling WordPress

A talk about scaling WordPress, informed by experience. Learn the potential pitfalls, how to avoid them and actually improve on WordPress’ delivery performance.

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Byron Rode

Optimizing WordPress on the frontend

Plugins and big custom themes play a massive role on how quickly your site loads, has an effect on your users, search engines and hosting. This talk takes you through optimization methods.

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Panel Discussion

From startup idea to successful enterprise

WordPress is a part of many modern businesses, as either the platform for their web presence and marketing, their development platform or sales channel. As amazing as WordPress is, you need more than a WordPress website to start, run and grow a successful business. Many startups fail and not every great idea is destined to be transformed into a profitable business. Our panel will discuss how they started, funded and managed their businesses from startup idea to successful enterprise. Mark Forrester, Mark Henderson, Riaan Knoetze, Allen Jaffe and moderator Ashley Shaw.

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Jeffikus Pearce

The Best Tools for the Job

Whatever your platform, business or blog, you need to use quality themes and plugins in your WordPress site to run your business successfully. Choose the best tools for you.

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Matty Cohen

Shifting the WordPress Mindset

Take a look back in time at the evolution of WordPress core, themes and plugins, compared to present day and forecasting possibilities for the future. Explore the growth of the WordPress ecosystem.

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Matt Bush

How many drummers does it take to build a website?

WordPress gets groovey. Hark back to Demo tapes, hand-drewn gig flyers photocopied using the drama teachers pass-code, distributed by whoever had the afternoon off. Fast forward to the present…

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