WoofCamp for DARG

This year we want to extend the goodwill associated with WordCamp beyond the confines of WordPress. We are in the process of getting a fundraising project going to help crowdsource funds for DARG.

DARG is a non-profit organisation that rescues, cares for and re-homes abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. Find out more about our project and get involved by visiting this link.

Darg Volunteer

Darg Volunteer

I volunteered at DARG back in 2002, when I first moved to Cape Town from the platteland. I wasn’t allowed, nor would I keep my Boerboel in my Seapoint flat, but helping out at DARG was a great way to run around and play with man’s best friend. I helped by feeding, cleaning and walking the dogs. The cleaning part was a bit messy, but messy can be fun. Other times being there was challenging, but I soon got over that, the personal rewards far outweighing the sad. It feels great to help others, especially those not able to help themselves. DARG actually helped me in a small way, sort of like an incubation period for me when I first arrived here.

Darg Cat

DARG totally relies on donations and volunteers to help these animals. For nearly 30 years they have kept at it, which is an incredible testament to their dedication and compassion. You can donate using DARG’s PayFast terminal, or donote food and supplies that they desperately need. or pop by for a visit to chat about how you can help. It’s a great weekend activity that you can do with friends, making new friends, whilst enjoying the great outdoors.


LightSpeed is already busy helping DARG with a new website, but if anyone would like to get involved, contact us! We are building an ace WordPress site that is super useable, integrating features that will help them use the site and keep the community updated in a snap. It would be great if someone can help us with some design work! The logo would benefit from a bit of an upgrade too. We want the site to express all the fun involved with volunteering and in that get more people involved.

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One Response to WoofCamp for DARG

  1. matt says:

    Awesome to see DARG getting support. I already helped them by taking the worst behaved dog in the world off their hands. In fact I’m almost certain he is in the first pic!