WordCamp and PyCon collaborate to bring you the best of open source

Technology conferences are something special. They present rare occasions where those of the geeky persuasion can come together and talk about and share ideas with their peers. Attendees are inspired and relationships are formed that could have a long lasting impact on the world around us.

Because we live in universe of constraints, events have conspired to have two tech conferences aimed at open source technology being held in Cape Town on the same weekend.

WCCT 2012

WordCamp Cape Town 2012 (WordPress) will be held on the 4th of October and PyConZA (Python) will run from 4 – 5 October.

Attend both events and save

As unfortunate as it might be that two events broadly drawing the same crowd have been scheduled for the same time, the PyConZA team – in typical open source spirit – have been very generous and are willing to give the first 20 interested WordCampers 50% off full conference price of their Pycon tickets, for the second day (Oct 5th).

That’s right: You can attend WordCamp on the 4th, and get 50% off the full ticket price for PyConZA on the 5th.

What happens when worlds collide? Let’s find out.

In an equal show of good faith, the WordCamp organizers want to extend an invitation to all PyConZA attendees to join us for the official WordCamp After-Party on the 4th of October. Come by and swap stories, network and share a drink. The venue for the after-party will be announced soon and we will make sure that there is enough space to accommodate both conferences’ attendees.

Pycon has official networking events planned for before and after the last day, so if Pycon attendees want to mingle on Thursday, the day between these events – we have it covered.

We trust that those Wordcampers and PyCon attendees who have been saddled with a difficult choice between the two conferences will benefit from the generous discount offered and make the most of both events.

To qualify for this discount send an email to team@za.pycon.org with your WordCamp ticket code and the Pycon team will sort you out.

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