Schedule Updated

We added a few tweaks here and there, just to neaten it up, nothing major. But this is a good opportunity to remind you to bookmark the schedule page. You’ll want to keep coming back to it time and again, more on this further down.

If you look at the bottom of the schedule, we have revealed who will be part of the panel discussion and they are all industry heavy weights. However, we are still not disclosing the discussion topic, that’s still being kept under wraps until next week.

The schedule is awesome because of it’s usability, we hope you will find it valuable before and during the event. Each session slot looks something like this:

All the links open in a new window, we decided to break this web convention, because you’ll most likely want to keep coming back to the schedule. I’ts just HTML and CSS, but the page has a very dynamic feel to it. It’s nice to have the little bit of JavaScript coming in from Gravatar, quite slick. To go there now click here.

Print Version

Download your PDF version or see the image of the printed version below:

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